Program Resources

2017 Annual Spring Conference Presentations

Analytics Track

Determinants of Health: Leading Your Customers To Better Health

Getting Information to Decision Makers:  In-context and self-service analytics

Enterprise Data Governance:  Is there Hope Beyond the Hype?


Clinical Informatics Track

Development and Validation of a Perioperative Medicine Decision Support Tool

Enhanced Clinical Summarization in the Intensive Care Unit using a Novel Medical Record timeLine (MeRLin)

Transitioning to the Quality Payment Program for 2017


Mobile and Portable Computing Track

Meeting Patients Where They Live

The Importance of User Experience in Virtual Care

Putting the patient in control of carrying the “IT” Ball


April 2017 Webinar

"Structuring, Encoding, and Messaging Nursing Data"

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October 2016 Webinar

"HIPPA Data Breaches:  What's Trending in 2016"

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April 2016 Webinar

"Patient Portals Beyond Launch"

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December 2015 Webinar

"Patient Portals Beyond Launch"

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August 2015 Webinar

"Patient Portals Beyond Launch"

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May 2015 Spring Conference Presentations

How Digital Healthcare Helps and Hurts Nurses
Normalizing Flowsheet Data for Continuing Use to Meet Multiple Clinical Quality & Research Needs
Data Management Maturity Model Case Studies
Delivering Technology With High Adoption


February 2015 Webinar 

“The Role of Providers and Payer in Improving Health Outcomes Through Interoperability”

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September 2014 Webinar 

“Care Everywhere, a Point-to-Point HIE Tool: Utilization and Impact of Care in the ED”

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