Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) to Public Health to Meet Reporting Requirements

May 14, 12:00pm, CDT - 1:00pm, CDT



Presentation Overview:

Electronic case reporting (eCR) is the automated, real-time exchange of case report information between electronic health records (EHRs) and public health agencies. eCR aims to eliminate the burden of manual reporting for healthcare providers. All healthcare providers in Minnesota are required to report certain infectious diseases to the Minnesota Department of Health. Currently the reporting occurs in various formats ranging from phone, fax, web-data entry and electronic flat files not based on standards. eCR uses standard codes to automatically trigger the transfer of relevant, clinical data to a shared services platform which supports data delivery to public health in real time. These transactions are standards-based and offer a major step towards interoperability in healthcare ecosystem.


Priya Rajamani is an Informatics Faculty at the University of Minnesota. Her interests are in public/population health informatics. She does collaborative work with the MN Dept. of Heath and supports the electronic case reporting (eCR) project.









Aasa Dahlberg Schmit is the Director of Data Strategy and Interoperability at the MN Dept. of Health. She has 15+ years of experience of working in HIT projects in public health. In her current role, she provides vision, direction and leadership in advancing enterprise data strategies and electronic data exchanges.








Ann Kayser is the Electronic Onboarding Coordinator for the MEDSS program at the MN Dept. of Health. She has many years of experience in leading electronic public health reporting projects with breadth of technical expertise including HL7, LOINC and SNOMED standards.








Presentation Agenda:

  • Context and Introduction of Speakers - Priya Rajamani

  • eCR: National Picture and Setting the Stage - Aasa Dahlberg Schmit

  • eCR in Minnesota: Current Status and Future Directions - Ann Kayser

Target Audience:

Health care providers including nurses, Infection Preventionists (IP), EHR implementors, Clinical analysts, Clinical informaticians, Data exchange analysts.

Value to Audience:

Learn about electronic case reporting (eCR) as an option to decrease the burden of reporting for healthcare providers.

Objectives for CE:

At the end of this session, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the process of electronic case reporting (eCR) to meet the public health reporting requirements

  • Initiate the process of eCR implementation within their healthcare system with eCR assistance from public health