Webinar - Five Myths About Mobile Communication Success

August 31, 12:00pm, CDT - 1:00pm, CDT

Online Webinar



What really gets in the way of successful implementation of new technologies? Dr. Andrew Mellin, chief medical officer, and Bridget Wahlstrom, senior product manager, mobile, at Spok, will examine some of the myths that surround mobile technology initiatives, what the real barriers are, and how your team can navigate around them.


Mobile technologies have enabled new models of care team collaboration, patient safety and caregiver efficiency that improve patient outcomes and lower costs. Yet providers and health systems often treat the deployment of mobile technologies like consumer apps—just download the app and go. Successful organizations recognize the new opportunities and challenges that mobile technologies deliver, and thoughtfully address the myriad of factors that can impact success prior to deployment. In this session, Dr. Andrew Mellin, Chief Medical Officer at Spok, and Bridget Wahlstrom, Senior Product Manager at Spok, will share key lessons learned by health systems as they deployed mobile technologies to achieve improvements in areas such as sepsis management, patient flow, and patient satisfaction. Topics addressed in this session include 1) mitigating the connectivity challenges and limitations in system functionality in consumer devices for critical communications 2) maximizing adoption through communications-driven workflow improvements 3) extending the value and boundaries of the EHR though adjacent mobile solutions 4) defining the key elements for critical communication success to ensure message delivery and accountability and 5) understanding that maximum value is realized when the entire health system is enabled with mobile solutions, not just physicians or nurses. Dr. Mellin and Ms. Wahlstrom will illustrate the lessons learned through specific case studies from health systems that demonstrate meaningful improvements in clinical and operational outcomes.


Learning Objectives:

1. Understand how to mitigate 5 key factors that impede success with mobile technologies in healthcare.

2. Understand opportunities to improve operational and clinical improvements through mobile technologies.

3. Define how mobile solutions can extend and complement investments in an EMR.