Nursing Informatics in COVID environment: Where are we and how did we get here?

August 20, 12:00pm, CDT - 1:00pm, CDT



Rebecca Kohler, MPH, RN-C, Director of Analytics and Informatics | Hennepin Healthcare System

Rebecca is an experienced nurse and healthcare technology leader. She is passionate about ensuring that evidence-based clinical practice drives the implementation of technology, and that analytics are easily accessible and support decision making at the point of care.

Sharon Kirby, MSN, RN-BC,  Chief Nursing Informatics Officer | Mayo Clinic

Sharon is a RN with over 15 years of healthcare experience in a wide variety of specialty areas and over 10 years in nursing informatics and executive leadership. Prior to her current role, she was the CNIO of Centura Health in Colorado where she was a HIMSS Chapter board member.

Laura Randgaard MA, BSN, CNML, Director of Nursing Informatics | Allina Health

Laura has spent her career focused on developing systems and processes that support clinicians and patients. Her broad range of healthcare experience has enabled a deeper understanding of the opportunity to improve the systems that support nursing. In her current role, Laura is focused on building system-wide infrastructure to support nurse lead participation and improvements in Nursing Informatics.

Tara Rajchel, DNP, Director of IT Clinical Applications and Informatics | North Memorial Medical Center

Tari has been a nurse for 33 years and an technology leader for 15 years. Tari is passionate about best practice, evidence-based practice and informatics. Tari’s goal is always making sure those are incorporated with technology implementations to drive clinical decision support for the best possible outcome for patients. Tari graduate from the University of Minnesota with her DNP and focuses on informatics.


Presentation Overview:

Changes to Nursing Informatics in the age of COVID-19

Presentation Abstract:

A panel discussion on the impacts of COVID to Nursing Informatics (NI) programs at four Minnesota Hospital systems. How do the NI journeys differ and how are they similar? Minnesota is unique in that many of the hospitals share the same EMR vendor. A facilitated panel discussion followed by audience Q&A.


  1. Discuss the unique challenges of technology implementations during a pandemic and the implications for education and support.

  2. Identify the key roles an agile clinical and nursing informatics team played in response to a pandemic.

  3. Identify methods and challenges of involving and then educating nursing staff.