The Importance of Empathetic Caring in Health Care Services

June 12, 12:00pm, CDT - 1:00pm, CDT

This talk is built from Ryan’s 20+ years of healthcare experience and reflects on insights from an objective and empathetic patient perspective acquired from innovating within Mayo Clinic and UnitedHealth Group.  He will point to indicators of a failure to preserve and enhance empathy in health care, and why trends such as consumerism will likely exacerbate this oversight.  He will close with thoughts on ways we can reverse the trend and create more meaningful and effective healthcare services. 


Speaker:  Ryan Armbruster

Ryan currently oversees executive health care education programs at the University of Minnesota, where he also has designed and taught health care innovation and service design courses for the past fourteen. His recent work includes various roles at UnitedHealth Group, where he architected and implemented numerous innovations and capabilities, including Optum’s Service Design Studio, a transformational business called Harken Health and many large programs. He is currently an advisor with Optum Advisory Services. He is a recognized pioneer and leader of human-centered service design and innovation and his award-winning designs have made a significant impact in the health care industry.

Prior to Optum, Ryan created and directed the SPARC Design Lab at Mayo Clinic, a groundbreaking center for innovation in healthcare services. The comprehensive program and physical laboratory designed new healthcare services and experiences for patients and care providers.

Ryan received the inaugural Alumni Innovator Award from the University of Minnesota in 2014. He often provides invited talks at forums around the world on the topic of making health care work better for people.