Healthcare Forever Changed & The New Exceptional

February 26, 12:00pm, CST - 1:30pm, CST




Jonathan Miranda, Emerging Strategy Principal, Salesforce
Jonathan Miranda is a strategist who has been an expert in the field for over fifteen years with a technical background as a former product owner and software architect. 

Through his work at Salesforce, Jonathan engages with corporations, governments, and institutions to create alternative perspectives on the future and develops robust strategies for Salesforce and its top customers in a changing and uncertain world. Prior to Salesforce, Jonathan worked in the education industry with a focus on teaching english online within two companies, Pearson and Global English. Jonathan has a dual bachelors degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering from the University of California, Davis. 







Joshua Newman, MD MSHS

Joshua Newman, MD, MSHS, is SVP of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce. Prior to Salesforce he was Assistant Professor of Medicine at UCLA and a practicing Family Physician. 

In prior roles at Salesforce he served as Chief Medical Officer and General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences, and was responsible for product management, product strategy, marketing, and sales enablement for the global Salesforce healthcare business.  He led the teams that brought the Salesforce Health Cloud to life.  Currently he works as a strategic customer advisor promoting CRM technologies and adoption across healthcare, life sciences, and other industries connected to health. 

During residency and fellowship, he designed, coded, and managed a number of health applications, including those for medical residency administration, billing, and clinical care; to promote physician collaboration; and to facilitate EHR adoption.

Dr. Newman received his MD from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), and completed his residency in Family Medicine at the Advocate Illinois Masonic/UIC program. He also completed a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program postgraduate fellowship at UCLA, and received an MSHS degree in Health Services Research.


Presentation Overview:

The Minnesota HIMSS Chapter brings you Salesforce thought leading insight around the Future of Healthcare, Data, Influence and 'the Truly Personal' with digital transformation at scale.

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